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About the Libronix DLS for Mac 1.2 Update

What’s New in 1.2

New Features

  • Bible Speed Search. Available from the Search menu, this tool makes it easy to search a single Bible and quickly see the results of that search.
  • Default Resource Font selection. Set your preferred font in About Libronix DLS | Preferences | Appearance.
  • Printing. You can now print from a resource or report from File menu or pressing Command-P. There is also an option in the print dialog to save to a PDF file.
  • System-defined Parallel Resource Associations. This tool allows you to arrow through similar resources, such as Bibles or Commentaries, using right and left arrows on the keyboard or Next and Previous buttons on resource toolbar.
    • Note 1: User-defined Resource Associations are not available.
    • Note 2: Before clicking the Next button to move to the next parallel resource, click the down arrow and choose “Resource.”
  • Zoom keyboard shortcuts. Change the Zoom In and Zoom Out level by pressing ⌘+ and ⌘- keys (also available from the View menu).

Bug Fixes

  • Bible Word Study links work in Exegetical Guide.
  • Bible Word Study report generation completes.
  • Bibliography list no longer refreshes after clicking Style drop-down without changing style.
  • Current Reference Box irregularities have been fixed.
  • Exegetical Guide | Word by Word: Jumps to corresponding word when a word in passage is clicked.
  • Forward Delete keyboard shortcuts (“fn-delete” and “ctrl-d”) work in all text boxes in Macbook.
  • Include footnotes when copying preference can be disabled.
    • Note: This preference only affects footnotes; the bibliographic citation will continue to paste with copied text.
  • Interlinear configuration (View menu): lines cannot be changed to text boxes.
  • Link Sets: a newly opened resource added to a link set jumps to same location as other linked resources.
  • Page number ranges are correct in bibliographic citations, in resources that support it.
  • Preferred Bible opens with Exegetical Guide.
  • Resource Installer: Installing newer resources no longer prompts to replace older versions.
  • Resource Installer: Scanning resources on disc no longer crashes the program.
  • Scrolling works in most linked resources.
  • Set Links button: clicking the button a second time now brings up the link set options.
  • Tab key will move focus to the current reference box in a resource window.
  • Tip windows no longer appear when hovering over a another window.
  • Topic Browser searches display correct article results.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact Logos for Mac support at (800) 875-6467 or