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Installing eBooks in Logos Bible Software for Mac 1.2.2

So you’ve just bought a new eBook for your Libronix Digital Library System, but you’re unsure how to install it? This brief tutorial will guide you through it. We’ll be using Safari 4 and Libronix 1.2.2 on OSX 10.5.6 “Leopard.” But these steps shouldn’t change much if your versions are a little different.

  1. First, to avoid complications, we need to Quit Libronix. Just bring down your Libronix DLS menu and select "Quit Libronix DLS"
  2. quit_libronix.gif

    (This is very important. If Libronix is open, it won't discover the new book file, so be sure not to miss this step. If you're unsure whether Libronix is actually closed, check your Dock for a small blue light, or a triangle icon below the Libronix icon. If it's there, that means it is still open, even if there are no windows on the screen.)

  3. Now, let's download our eBook. We're using The Complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer. So, we've gone to and brought up the page we purchased from. You should see a little box to "Download Book File" and below it, a file is linked (if you're downloading a Collection with multiple files, you may need to click the arrow to expand this section and display the links). We'll need to Right-Click this file and "Download Linked File As.." to save it to the Documents folder (if you don't have a 2-Button Mouse, you can hold Ctrl and Click it for the same menu).
  4. download_linked_file_as.gif
  5. Once we've saved the file to Documents, let's go grab it. Libronix should still be closed. Open Finder and click on the Documents shortcut on the left side, under Places. We should see the file on the right side (in this case: "cwfs.lbxlls").

  6. Let’s also open the Resources folder. Just Open a new Finder Window by Double-Clicking your Hard Drive (it’s usually called “Macintosh HD”) on the Desktop. We want to Navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Libronix DLS/Resources.
  7. resources_folder_thumb.gif
  8. Now, just Drag that book file right out of Documents and in to Resources with the rest of your books (the icons may not match, but that’s okay). You’ve now installed the book. We just need to unlock it, so close everything and let’s open Libronix. Once it’s open, we just need to go to Tools > Library Management > Synchronize Licenses to download your new license and unlock the book we just installed.
  9. synch.gif
  10. Lastly, let’s open My Library from the Go menu and find our book (You can search by Author or Title or whatever works best for you).
  11. my_library.gif

If the issue is not resolved, please contact Logos for Mac support at (800) 875-6467 or