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Copy Text Without Footnotes and Citations

In the current version (1.1) of Logos for Mac, the Include footnotes when copying preference is enabled and cannot be disabled (Libronix DLS | Preferences | Appearance). The steps below provide alternate ways to bring over text into documents without footnotes and citations.

Copy Text from a Libronix DLS Resource

  • If the resource is a Bible, you may want to first click on the View menu and choose Bible Text Only. This will insure that the footnote numbers and letters are not included with the copied text.
  • Select the text you want to copy by clicking and dragging your mouse over it.
  • Press command-C to copy (or click on Edit | Copy, or right-click (ctrl-click) in selection and choose Copy).

Paste Text into a word processing application

First Option: use Text Editor

  • Open the Text Editor application, which comes with your Mac.
  • Click into a document and press command-V to paste the copied text (or click on Edit | Paste, or right-click (ctrl-click) in document and choose Paste).

Second Option: use Paste Special

  • Open a word processing application.
  • Click into a document and click on Edit | Paste Special | Plain/Unformatted Text.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact Logos for Mac support at (800) 875-6467 or