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About the Libronix DLS for Mac 1.1 Update

What's New in 1.1

Dialogs and Reports

  • Basic Search:
    • fixed bug that caused an invalid query to be accepted;
    • fixed bug that generated results for multiple words with underscore between them.
  • Basic / Bible Search: fixed bug that allowed a large portion of copied text to be pasted into a search text box, with as many vertically scrolling lines as there were paragraphs; this fix will crop the text after the first hard return (end of paragraph).
  • Bible Search:
    • fixed bug that caused various settings to not reset when a Previous Search was selected;
    • fixed bug that caused the Cancel command to be unrecognized in Custom dialog;
    • fixed bug that caused custom range to be deselected after modifying it.
  • Bible Word Study: added missing Bible Word Study Help page so that clicking on Help icon in report dialog brings up correct page, rather than a blank untitled page.
  • Bibliography: fixed bug that caused the various Citation styles to crash Libronix.
  • Blank Report Windows: fixed bug that prevented reports from generating when a non-English Mac OS user interface was selected.
  • Exegetical Guide:
    • removed non-functional strong's Numbers hyperlinks in Word by Word section;
    • fixed some Properties settings so results match Windows version results;
    • fixed bug that prevented use of Esc key to cancel Properties, or Return key to accept Properties;
    • fixed various display issues only present in 10.4.11 (Tiger).
  • KeyLinking: fixed bug that caused Search My Library link on Tip Window to be non-functional.
  • Morphological Bible Search:
    • fixed bug that caused an incorrect search string to be entered into Search textbox when various CAL morphology attributes were selected;
    • fixed bug that caused the attributes of a previous canceled search to remain populated when a new search dialog is opened;
    • fixed bug that caused Word List from a previous search to remain populated when a new search dialog was opened;
    • fixed bug that allowed words in Word List to be edited;
    • fixed bug that caused the Search button to remain enabled after a search was executed;
    • fixed bug that caused the Search button to be disabled when a Previous search was selected;
    • fixed bug that caused Special range to be unavailable;
    • fixed bug that caused invalid Custom Ranges to be added;
    • fixed bug that caused Basic Search dialog to open instead of Morphological Bible Search if a previous Morphological Search results window was still open.
  • My Library: fixed incorrect wording of popup message when a resource has been removed to: "The requested resource is no longer available."
  • Passage Guide:
    • removed hyperlinks that didn't work in the Parallel Passages section. These links will be restored when the Parallel Passages and Harmonies feature is available in a future release;
    • fixed bug that caused passage or Bible book name to be repeated in Parallel Passages section.
  • Passage Guide / Bible Word Study: fixed bug that caused Contextual Menu in reports to have two 'Selected Reference' items; changed one to 'Selected Text'.
  • Passage In All Versions:
    • fixed missing checkmark next to Bible Text Only view option when selected;
    • fixed mislabeled submenu on Contextual Menu; changed 'Selected Reference' to 'Selected Text'.
  • Search Results: fixed bug with Search Target function where the number of occurrences in a second search with no results displays the occurrences from the first search.
  • Topic Study: fixed bug that caused a Search of entire library to crash Libronix. Please read the last entry in the Libronix DLS: Mac 1.0 Installation Support article if this search continues to crash Libronix.


  • Customer ID: fixed bug that made Customer ID case sensitive,causing license information to be lost if it was entered in the wrong case.
  • See-through popup windows: fixed bug that caused the text of the resource behind a tip window to be visible, making the tip harder to read.


  • Chinese Bibles: fixed bug that prevented Chinese text from wrapping in Simplified and Traditional versions.
  • Coptic resources: Coptic font implemented; Coptic font/words now display properly.
  • Display:
    • changed regular text to Bold or Italic text where required in most resources;
    • fixed bug that caused Commentary to open in full right side of screen rather than the lower-right quadrant, when commentary link was clicked on Topic Study results page;
    • fixed truncation of longer footnotes in Tip window compared with Windows version;
    • fixed the box around the title on the Easton's Bible Dictionary title page;
    • removed random red lines from certain resources;
    • fixed display of quotation marks in Current Reference Box in some resources;
    • fixed various display issues only present in 10.4.11 (Tiger).
  • Information Window: fixed bug that disabled use of Control key to freeze content in window when hovering over other words in text.
  • Load Workspace: fixed bug that left the Load button enabled and the Cancel button disabled after saved workspaces were deleted.
  • Logos Deluxe Mapset: fixed bug that caused Libronix to crash when the thumbnail for the "Early Galilean Ministry of Jesus" map was clicked, either in the Mapset or in a Passage Guide report.
  • Navigation options: fixed bug that caused other dialogs to open when the Previous-up arrow and Next-down arrow options on the View menu were selected. (May occur with Back-left arrow and Forward-right arrow options.)
  • Non-English text: fixed bug that caused symbols to be pasted into documents in place of accents when Spanish and other non-English text is copied from a Libronix resource.
  • Scrolling linked Bibles and Commentaries: fixed bugs that caused abnormal scrolling in a Bible, and in some instances, program crashes.
  • Scrolling linked Hebrew Bibles: fixed bug that caused Libronix to crash.
  • Visual Cues: fixed bug that caused visual cue (orange starburst) to appear in the wrong location.

If the issue is not resolved, please contact Logos for Mac support at (800) 875-6467 or